About Us

Our family is pretty big and diverse. My husband come from Beskydy and I grew up in south Moravian. Now we live together near by the Prague. We have so many kids, siblings, nephews and also friends we love to meet by the glass of good wine or nice chilled beer.

In 2017 we came up with an idea to put it all together and realize our dream right in the heart of Beskydy – tu build a cabin.

Our cabin…different…not looking like old and typical but with all of the comfort of 21st century, also loving and respecting nature. That cabin where everyone can find their own quiet corner, place to realx but at the same time be able to be in the center of the whole event. To feel safe and satisfied, surrounded by the whole family.

After 3 years of cooperation with one of the best specializated company, finally our dream became true.

We named our cabin Staňka.

Typical czech name with a lot of variations which may melt your mind and bring peace and love to your soul. Same as our cabin. While you’re here you can feel different – noble, magical, just so good and cozy. That difference from the city traffic with everyday routines will feel everyone who’ll spent just a couple moments here.

And now we are offering our pride also to you. To nice and kind people treating Staňka well, with all the respect and love.

Thank you and we will look forward to seeing you.M


husband and wife Vítovi