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This mountain village Malenovice is situated in richly rugged landscape of the Beskydy mountains. Most of the village lies in protected landscape area.

While entering Malenovice you are welcoming by the sign of raspberry, and yes, the name „Malenovice“ comes from the word „malina“ which means raspberry. It’s because there is a lot of raspberry bushes.

Malenovice are surrounded by several hills – Lysa hora, Ivančeva, Staškov, Ostrá, Big and Small Hradová, Tanečnice and Borová hill.

Nearby you can find also Satinské vodopády 

More informations about Malenovice find here :

In Malenovice is Ski and touristic area Ski Malenovice .

Another ski options are nearby – Ski resort Ostravice 

Ski area Opálená

Ski area Bílá  and more.

Nearby Malenovice (10km) you can visit 2 beautiful  and very popular golf resorts: GOLF ČELADNÁ


Around Malenovice are also many bike and run friendly trails, also walking trails for family trips, for example Pustevny 

For families with kids is this place one of the favorite ones – Tarzanie v Trojanovicích 

Wallachian muzeum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

or nearby castle Hukvaldy

Even for lovers of water, sun and fun: Aquapark Olešná

Aquapark Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

In Malenovice is retaurant hospůdka Pod Borovou 

and in walkable distance is also restaurant Na Harcovně 

 or another beautiful restaurant Ydykseb 

You can also drive to Čeladná, where is great and very popular restaurant Na rozcestí

or experiencig fancy restaurant Cattaleya

Real top and luxury of gastronomy  is in Art & Design hotel MIURA 

 -here in the gallery are also exhibited real works by important artists such as: Andy Warholl, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor etc.

I believe that area of Malenovice has a lot of things to offer. We love to spend time here. We always discovere something new we get excited for. New trail or cozy coffee place with delicious deserts.

Local people told us they don’t have to go for vacation because they feel like on vacation all the time in this beautiful place.